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Innovative plastic Bearers 

fot the plasterboard industry

Patent pending

Packaging innovation!

 The Plastic Bearers are designed for transporting and storing gypsum boards and / or all types of plates that are produced automatically.

They are suitable for automatic packing machines in production lines and used for carrying and moving the plates.

The plastic Bearer replaces the compressed wooden bearer and has a variety of advantages:

  • low weight

  • a clean working environment in the area of ​​wrapping machines and prevention of injuries to wood sawdust workers.

  •  Can be produced from a variety of different plastic materials, in different shades to choose from, plus company logo.

  • The plastic Bearers has resistance to various temperatures conditions, in external storage and in internal storage.

  • The plastic Bearers are not absorbing moisture / water.

  •  Ability to carry a lot of weight- 70% less weight than a bearer of compressed wood.

  • The plastic Bearers can be manufactured close to the factory that produces the gypsum boards -in any plastic factory nearby (saving transport costs).


plastic bearer on action in product line
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