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Exploding volatile liquids and gases resulting in severe blazes is a real hazard of modern life, often resulting in casualties and property damage. The explosafe Explosion Suppression System prevents the formation of destructive pressures after the ignition of vapors or gases. “Quenching” inhibits flame propagation by dividing a container into small cells. A porous filler mass of high heat absorptivity, explosafe absorbs the heat released during the reaction.

Quality line LTD 

The company is engaged in a number of areas :

  • Wood products-  Decorated wood products, pallets and boxes.

  • Packaging Products / Raw Materials and package engineering.


The International Police & Security Consultants,  IPSC , is a leading Israeli consultancy firm operating within the Homeland-Security and Internal-Security arena.

Based upon the vast international experience gained during their governmental deployment , the  IPSC  is capable of supplying the most professional services to foreign customers worldwide. 

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