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Package Engineering  


our company provides consulting in packaging and packaging materials.


We offer our customers significant cost savings in the purchase of packaging materials,

product packaging process and its transport.

We offer a comprehensive solution, taking into account organizational constraints,
Accompany the process from start to finish!


Our service:

  • Cost savings.

  • Development of new and innovative packaging.

  • updated technical specifications of packaging materials and packaging lines.

  • planning and implementation of transport and containerization programs in order to save shipping costs.

  • Bringing new suppliers first class, in order to provide the supply of equipment and packaging materials.

  • Accompanying the procurement division ,In order to advise them in their negotiations with suppliers, pricing, etc.

  • Checking suppliers in terms of standards and implementation.

  • Accompanying the supply chain process and making tests, in order to reduce quality problems.

  • Checking the production floor process, in the use of packaging materials, before final packaging.

  • Providing strategic consulting, marketing and logistics, including the identification of opportunities. and integration with various parties in Israel

  • and around the world.

  • Staff in our company's 30 years of experience in providing a range of solutions in the fields of different packaging!

As well as implementation of large projects in leading companies.



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